Rental Terms and Conditions

1- The tenant rented the villa to impair the reputation of virtue and properties to use as his own property and will not challenge the loss of his reputation, and undertakes to accept.

2- villas rented to tenants, tenants can not be partially or fully leased to third parties, have agreed to these terms when you get specify which person except villa not allowed to stay on the stay permitted the case that all of the fees to be deposited must evacuate the building handed villa can not take back

3- rented villa consists of a condition that requires repair the damage that has been rented by tenants came immediately over the phone or in the office travel agency is obliged to give notice as soon as possible. This contract will cover the full damage and TC Promissory notes will be accepted replaced by laws adopted and committed.

4- The Tenant leased found what things, then, it is obliged to deliver according to the form and quantity. Fixtures and tools found in real estate leased goods must be returned at the end of the contract while completely. Both these fixtures and details of what will be rented if needed and loss due to the use of old, these securities and compensated by the tenant owner is obliged to pay even though demand action.

5- lease period is over even though the rented villa if the tenant discharge (lease end stopped at 10:00 of the expiry date), the tenant rent Holiday Villas to cover the loss of any damage will be visible to the agency and tenant lease-expiration day at 10:00 also agreed to evacuate and commits

6- rented villa daily rent money that the tenant has rented as a holiday villa. Villa to be rented not use except for holiday purposes, partially or completely transferred and not the turnover, to stay outside, does not submit to someone else’s benefit or residency for one can accept only found in the villa names of people the night the agreements made at our office if you accept that it will release the villas if they comply with these requirements and commitment.

7. Carefully clean the tenant to use the pool and garden, clothes and goes into the pool, unnecessary use of air conditioning, agrees to make electricity consumption. Pool water and electricity and maintenance costs because electricity costs will be borne by the owner of the garden will not pay for housing.

8- rented villa is delivered clean, as were removed. If you want to separate the remaining cleaning of the villa during the holiday within a holiday in tenant agrees to pay the 60.00-150.00 per villa cleaning fee for each extra cleaning.

9 Day holiday villa rental is for a villa. People who will stay in the villa, as indicated in the above list of names will be specified in the contract clause. Whether hosted daily guests from outside, except for a list of names, how many people will be staying at the villas daily control of authorized persons of Holiday Villas villa agency has accepted the lessor. If the obstacle prevents the control of the competent person of ETT agencies Rent Holiday Villas and villa will release soon after and has no right to demand there would vacate the villa immediately agreed and committed.

10- Villa Vacation whether the high behaviors that disturb the tranquility around the person and the person will not make loud music one could villas around likewise available in the surrounding villas noise would not disturb behavior as holiday villas. In addition, any weapons that are prohibited by law, whether or not containing substances such as drugs, etc., people sought legal / illegal and will not be hosting villas, villas for short, will not use any illegal activities and has committed to accept.

11 tenants (customers) that it leases rented housing because of their flaws during the period of potential accidents occur, the damage and accompanied him (escorts) who is also responsible for other individuals.

12 tenants (customers) of the electricity, water and so on. If it is determined that acted irresponsibly in consumption 100.00 – £ 300.00 penal clause is applied.

Work on this contract is comprised of 12 Articles, Antalya Province in conflict Courts and execution offices are authorized.