Holiday villas you choose to share with us over the telephone or via our website after the rental process is started. Phone and demand is in the nature of preliminary demands action to be taken via the Web site, acceptance of and demand with regard to making certain leases, respectively, the fulfillment of the following conditions / must have come across.

Our guest is sought to be confirmed by the Client Representative and details of his lease.

From the date the lease was made;

– In recent days for a lease

– Within three days for the long-dated rental

Cost of rental must be paid 35% down payment.

Our guest on the hire date, fees, transport etc. mail with details and information would be finalized RENTAL discarded.

The remaining 65% of the charge when it comes to our holiday guests, villa will be taken after seeing the room.

NOTE; Ad mentioned in our Weekly (7 nights) The price; Electricity, Water, Gas Garden and pool maintenance, cleaning is included. Apart from the weekly rate may not claim any fee.
Villa Input-Output hours;

Guest, rented villa on the starting day of the holiday afternoon, logging in at 15:00, the last day of vacation, in the morning hours; 10: 00 if you do output.

Maintenance of your villa;

All villas of our maintenance is performed daily. Furthermore, if a failure occurs or there is a problem, our care team is supporting you instantly. Cleaning is done before the introduction villas, the villa is between the customer from the date of his entry in if you want to be cleaning the villa £ 80.00 extra cleaning fee-based villa that accommodates £ 180.00.